Information and management portal


Fully customize the content presentation and organization. Integrate with your existing systems (authentication, visualization, back office, etc.)

Unified vision

See in one place all reports, documents, internal websites and dashboards relevant to the management and operation of your business.


By using a common interface to access information, your users will benefit from a consistent and seamless experience.

Information and management portal

The success of designing decision support systems is achieved when it is possible to start the process based on a concrete strategy that will allow in the future to integrate the different models and with the different levels of management and information needs. The key success factors are the capacity to expand and adapt to the evolution of the organization.

With the Information Management platform, our customers can digitally transform their organizations in a safer, faster and more agile way to access information. 

The Information Management Portal is an internal system that aims to centralize access to data by providing dashboards, reports and other documents from different platforms in a single location. This platform can fit into existing systems at all levels, from authentication and authorization, to the data itself. The Information Management Portal will be the key interface for all actions to be implemented, as it will be the place where a user connected through a simple web browser, as long as duly authenticated and authorized, will be able to view and manage the information in the organization.



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