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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Through Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics processes, we can help your business to convert data into knowledge, giving visibility to your business processes and streamlining the decision-making process.

B2F distinguishes itself from the competition by its functional approach based on the client's business model, combined with excellence and technological innovation in each implemented solution.


BI & Analytics Use Cases

Churn Rate, CSAT, Lifelong Value

Customer Analytics

See your customer journey through all your company's contact points, analyse their behaviour and preferences. Get suggestions on how to deliver greater value to your customers and personalize their interaction with your company.

Sales, targeting, campaign analysis, cross selling

Marketing & Sales Analytics

Analyse your entire sales history, predict future behavior. Understand the impact of promotional actions and identify cross selling opportunities. Assess the power of your online channel and social networks in driving new business.

Balanced Scorecard, productivity, efficiency

Operations Analytics

Evaluate the performance of your business processes with indicators designed specifically for this purpose. Translate strategic and tactical objectives into operational targets, measuring their activities' KPIs and KRIs.

Financial ratios, current accounts, budgeting, consolidation

Finance Analytics

Automate financial and management reporting, even if you use different systems in your company. Make bottom-up budgets and evaluate your execution. Track financial ratios of liquidity, profitability, leverage and efficiency.

OEE, MTBF, MTTR, downtime, waste

Manufacturing Analytics

Follow all stages of your production industrial processes in real time. Identify key bottlenecks and points of failure to implement operation improvements.

Slow movers, procurement, ABC analysis, stocks & ruptures

Supply Chain Analytics

Identify and anticipate problems in your logistics chain, analyse evolution of stocks of goods, raw materials and finished products. Get suggestions for relocating resources or stock .

Turnover, Talent acquisition, absenteeism, evaluation, training

HR Analytics

Centrally analyse the state and performance of your company's Human Resources. Evaluate macro trends to introduce improvements or anticipate training or recruitment needs.

System Downtime, resource, access and processes monitoring

IT Systems Analytics

Monitor access and utilization of your systems, integration status and the health of your infrastructure. Receive alerts and anticipate usage spikes to be able to provision resources in advance .

What we do


Data Acquisition

  • Enterprise Data (ERP/CRM/MES and others, such as SAP, Dynamics NAV, PHC, Primavera, Salesforce)
  • Sensor Data (counters IOT, images and video)
  • Machine data (logs)
  • Social Data (social networks and website interactions)
  • Public Data (Web scraping; public databases )

Data Transformation

Automated data channeling and enrichment processes based on ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) and ELT (Extract, Load & Transform) methods.

These processes apply business rules, invoke Data Quality processes, and reorganize information into a format suitable for exploration in a central repository.


Data Warehouse & Data Lake

Enterprise Data Warehouses are repositories that constitute a single source of truth about your company's activity. They are the result of joining multiple data sources and applying business rules for consistent and facilitated analysis.

Data Lakes are highly scalable repositories storing petabytes of data at low cost. It is possible to store information in virtually any format (e.g. image, video, text files) for further analysis. 


Big Data

Massive information processing and storage technologies that take advantage of distributed computing to grow unrestricted with your business.

Factors such as relatively low storage cost, high configuration and data types flexibility open up new opportunities to take advantage of all the data you have.


Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables the learning and improvement of systems based on experience. They are a part of augmented analytics and make use of statistical methods to predict and prescribe actions based on data patterns.

Some use cases include: 

  • Trend Analysis (cross selling, sales forecast, breakdowns)
  • Optimization and regression (supply chain, pricing)
  • Clustering and segmentation (customers, products)
  • Classification (fraud detection)
  • Neural networks and deep learning (image, video)

Self-Service BI

Systems that enable ad-hoc exploration with click-and-drag-style interactions as well as the possibility of extending data models with additional information, simple data cleaning & wrangling tools  included in the software.

High autonomy and adaptability in building and adapting interactive dashboards, enriching business models with departmental data and distributing the analysis with colleagues and partners.


Data Visualization

Interactive dashboards and reports where you can quickly view your business data and make decision making easier.

These dashboards, customized to your needs, allow you to automate the process of collecting and sharing information to support the strategic and tactical management of your operations.


BI Consulting and Auditing

B2F has extensive experience in dealing with various markets and implementing BI systems, and can therefore support you with:

  • Functional Consulting
  • Implementation of BI Systems
  • Expansion and existing systems evolution
  • BI Systems Audit

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B2F's training plans are based on real case studies, and reflect B2F's experience in Business Intelligence projects.

  • Data Warehouse implementation methodologies
  • Business Intelligence Workshops
  • BI Technologies: Microsoft - Power BI, SQL Server (RDBMS+AS+IS) e Azure, Microstrategy

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Power BI

Leading BI and Analytics  tool that makes all your organization's data simple and intuitive to view and analyse


Self-service BI and exploratory data analysis tool  with great governance features

Qlik Sense / Qlikview

Self-service data visualization platform with excellent data preparation and transformation features


The Microsoft Azure cloud platform has a wide offer and allows you to take full advantage of the various tools in the Microsoft ecosystem such as Azure Synapse Analytics

Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud provides you with numerous serverless resources designed especially to deal effectively with large volumes of data and information such as Google BigQuery

Microsoft SQL Server

Considered one of the most competitive and complete stacks, with an excellent database  engine and tools for data processing and analysis


One of the most recognized database engines worldwide with excellent robustness and fine-tuning capabilities for your use case


Highly scalable open-source relational database engine available on several operating systems and with over 30 years of history


One of the most well-known and complete analytical engines used in the processing and analysis of big data, and with extensive application in the context of artificial intelligence


One of the most used frameworks in distributed computing, being composed of several components, such as the HDFS file system, MapReduce and the resource manager YARN.


Highly scalable platform for processing and orchestrating integration processes, used to build a Lakehouse (a cross between Data Warehouse and Data Lake)

Data Factory & SSIS

Data Factory and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) are, respectively, Microsoft's cloud and on-premises data integration orchestrators.

Your technology

The technology used must be the one that best fits your situation.

For this reason, we assess which technologies you already have and whether they fit your requirements.

We give preference to your existing technology, suggesting without vendor bias a new architecture if the current one does not meet thedefined objectives.

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